Bills – a harsh reality.

First – Cancel all your current utilities and/or ask for some sort of reprieve. (gas, electric, tv, land line, newspapers, magazine subscriptions, etc.)

Second – Call your Mortgage Lender and explain the situation and you may be able to get a month to several month reprieve.  This can vary lender to lender, hopefully all will be more than accommodating.

HOWEVER, your homeowners insurance does NOT typically cover your mortgage, this is insurance on your structure, belongings and property improvements.  If you do not want to default then you will need to continue paying your mortgage, again call your lender and explain the situation, hopefully they will be accommodating and grant a several month reprieve.

This is where the “Loss of Use” provision in your insurance comes into play.  While you continue to pay your current bills, the insurance covers the additional living expenses.  Your rental location, incidentals, etc.  anything above and beyond what used to be normal.  Then as you begin to rebuild the insurance covers the construction costs.  This can vary policy to policy so it is very important to meet with your insurance company and ask tons of questions.

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