Register with FEMA – even if you don’t think you need the assistance. 

The only way you have access to FEMA resources is to register. Even if you don’t think you need it, register. FEMA resources were essential to our recovery.

Credit to Facebook poster for this image.

The fire our home was lost to was also declared a federal Major Disaster, as much of Southern California was on fire at that time. This declaration opens up many more resources to aid in the fight to contain these fires and to help with the recovery effort. Especially for those who are under-insured as we were. In our case we were able to secure a low interest loan to help in the rebuilding/relocating process. These loans are handled through the SBA (Small Business Administration), and were critical in our recovery. Be prepared for lots of forms, and to ask a lot of questions about how the funds can be used and what is required from you. 

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