Where does the mail go? – Get a PO Box!

One of the first things we figured out we needed was a PO Box.  Pretty much every form we filled out after the fire needed a mailing address.  Next will be to go out and update all of your subscription, bills, etc mailing addresses.  And don’t forget to put a forward on your property address so all mail goes to the PO Box.

While our dear friends loved having us live with them we knew that would not be a permanent thing.  Plan on being in several different locations during the first several weeks and months.  We parked ourselves in 4 different temporary residences before finally landing in the place we call home.  The whole while remember that you will get through this horrific time in your life.

Our mailbox remained standing, but I sure didn’t want to pick my mail up there.

While I was digging through our rubble the week after the fire FedEx delivered a package.  I can’t find the picture now, but it was the funniest thing at that moment and I’ll add that as soon as I find it.  The FedEx guy was in complete shock as he arrived, just as I was that packages were being delivered to a pile of dirt with nothing but a mailbox left standing.

Moral of the story is, go get a PO box and start updating your contact info with all your vendors including all insurance companies.

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