Sitting and waiting.

Here I am at LAX 9 Years after the wildfire that took our home.  I’m headed to Santa Rosa to help our family that lost a home there.  Thankfully our experience has helped them to quickly act on a lot of the after fire checklist.  They are amazing and I cannot wait to give them

Bills – a harsh reality.

First – Cancel all your current utilities and/or ask for some sort of reprieve. (gas, electric, tv, land line, newspapers, magazine subscriptions, etc.) Second – Call your Mortgage Lender and explain the situation and you may be able to get a month to several month reprieve.  This can vary lender to lender, hopefully all will

Register with FEMA – even if you don’t think you need the assistance. 

The only way you have access to FEMA resources is to register. Even if you don’t think you need it, register. FEMA resources were essential to our recovery.   The fire our home was lost to was also declared a federal Major Disaster, as much of Southern California was on fire at that

Property Tax Reassessment – Disaster Provision

Sanoma County assessors office property tax information: Sanoma County Reassessment Form: If you have confirmation that your home has been destroyed this is yet another thing that will need to be done, but it will save you money while you rebuild, and it let’s you transfer your tax base after you rebuild or

Devastating Northern California Fires!

It pains me to be writing this.  Watching the destruction that is happening all around our country is hard enough.  Now we have major fires all over California and other parts of the west.  The Santa Rosa fire is hitting particularly close to home as we have family who have lost their home.  We too